My I-Phi Blog is Active Again

For the past six years I have added no new posts to the I-Phi blog, but that is about to change.

In those years I added hundreds of new web pages on philosophers and scientists to my Information Philosopher website, without first creating “Reading…” pages for them on this I-Phi blog. I have also added hundreds of pages and thousands of words on some great problems in philosophy and physics that I think have plausible solutions using the methods of information philosophy rather than traditional verbal arguments.

Those thoughts on possible solutions to great problems I published last year as my second book, Great Problems in Philosophy and Physics – Solved?

The first great problem discussed in that book was metaphysics, which in Aristotle’s great work actually contained a cluster of problems, many ignored by modern philosophers who famously dismissed such problems. P. F.Strawson famously described metaphysics as “panicky.” He said it includes “uncaused causes, immaterial minds, noumenal selves, prime movers unmoved” and the like. I therefore expanded my research into those problems and published it as Metaphysics: Problems, Paradoxes, and Puzzles – Solved?  I also built a new website at, to distinguish my work  as a metaphysicist (based on the physical sciences and information philosophy) from that of traditional metaphysicians.

This blog is about to change because I am adding a new way to disseminate my ideas beyond my web pages and printed books. The new way is webcasting, especially live streaming of my lectures to YouTube and Facebook. For the last few years I have refused invitations to travel to distant philosophical conferences, but offered to speak at such events by Skype. The saving in time has been immense. My 45-minute talks in Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy required two overnight travel days in addition to the three conference days. Now I just  send webcams to conferences so I can listen in and ask questions remotely about presentations by others.

My new plan is to create a blog post on each webcast lecture, with web links and with a searchable description, keywords, categories, and tags.  I will embed the videos in relevant pages on Information Philosopher, but this I-Phi blog will now serve as the master directory for all my online lectures.

My YouTube channel is infophilosopher.

My Twitter address is @infophilosopher.

And my Facebook page is infophilosopher.

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