Quantum Particles Are Matter/Energy. Quantum Waves are Immaterial Information.

Of all the mysteries, puzzles, and paradoxes associated with
modern physics, none is more profoundly metaphysical than
the strange connection between waves and particles in quantum
mechanics. And no philosophical method is better positioned to
provide a metaphysical explanation than information philosophy,
with an information analysis of the physics and the fundamental
nature of physical reality, the so-called “quantum reality.”

Most surprisingly, the solution to this most modern of scientific
problems throws new light on perhaps the oldest philosophical
problem, the ancient question about the existential status of ideas,
and the relation between the ideal and the material.

Put most simply, the quantum wave function is an idea, pure
information about the possible places that matter may be found.
And perhaps most shocking, we can show that this abstract idea
has causal power over the paths of the concrete particles, even as we
can only learn about their paths statistically and not individually.

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