Bob Doyle is the Information Philosopher. Helping communities communicate, podcasting, and information immortality.

2016 was a very hectic year getting out my second and third books, Great Problems and Metaphysics, while postponing what I view as my more important work on Albert Einstein.

I have been struggling for decades to understand what Einstein was thinking about what is going on with the quantum waves of probability he first saw in 1905 and first expressed clearly in 1909, then wrote about again and again until his death, with no one ever taking seriously what he was talking about, especially his 1935 EPR paper, which was attacked then and now is the second quantum revolution of nonlocality and entanglement!

2017 has also been very busy since I decided to supplement the information in my enormous website (and the printed books) with daily lecture videos – for the rest of my productive years! It took me many months to design and build my iTV-Studio. I have spent many decades helping others communicate. Now I am doing it myself.

My wife Holly despaired that I would be further suspending my work on Einstein.

But I actually have managed to make significant progress understanding (despite Feynman’s edict) Heisenberg’s matrix mechanics and Schrödinger’s wave mechanics, the next two chapters in my Einstein book.

The progress is to simply see the wave function as purely abstract information and therefore in the same metaphysical category as mind. I will pursue the thought that Einstein called it a “ghost field” (Gespensterfeld) with a mysterious (spooky) influence or control (though only statistical) over matter.  This remains the “one mystery” in quantum mechanics, as Feynman called it and I hope to explain it  .

As you know, I see our essential selves as abstract forms through which concrete matter and energy flow, under the management of active information structures from the molecular machines in our cells to the thinking in our minds, ideas stored in our experience recorder and reproducer (ERR).

I see immortality as the survival of those ideas, to become a contribution to human knowledge (my SUM). You might view my life’s work as getting as many of my ideas as possible out of my mind and into humanity’s knowledge base.

I think I might lecture about this progress today. It has enormous implications for my fifth planned book – Mind: The Scandal in Psychology, which I hope will interest you.

One thought on “Bob Doyle is the Information Philosopher. Helping communities communicate, podcasting, and information immortality.

  1. Around 32:00 your sound cuts out a bit but then returns. Very interesting background about your life’s trials and tribulations, successes and altruist pursuit of personal Information. Love hearing about Bob Doyle. Thanks for sharing.


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